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Additional attributes for the report

Question asked by Pchelintseva Olga on Aug 15, 2019

Can someone help with the reports? 
I need to create a report for the specific application in order to have an overview of the users in it.

We use AD groups as entitlements. As they are the groups I use the Template "All users Access" (not User Entitlements : for Specific apllication  - it doesn't works)), but the amount of attributes quite small.

   1st question: how can I add additional attrirutes? For example, I need to have a team code in te report

   2nd question: how can I have an User name as one attribute for the report for grouping? I can add only the First name and the Last name, but it leads to 2 rows when grouping + 2 columns.


I will be rteally appriciated for your help!