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Are RSA HW-Tokens U2F based and support also the new FIDO2

Question asked by Kerstin Reiss on Aug 19, 2019
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a customer of us has running AM 8.3  and a lot of HW-Tokens in use with Local Authentication Client on Windows. Now there is need of additional rollout of another 800 HW-Tokens, which have to be ordered. Now the customer has following questions, for which i am searching an answer:


- the already HW-Tokens in use, are they already U2F standard?

for this i just found the information that RSA SecurID Access supports the FIDO Second Factor Experience using FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) authenticators. So ist this answer also valid for the SID700 RSA HW-Tokens of the customer?


- for the new additional 800 HW-tokens to be ordered, is the question if they are also based on the FIDO2 standard, or have to be orderd other HW-Tokens?


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