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User Access Review - User Filter

Question asked by Clive Morrish Employee on Aug 21, 2019
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I have the following requirement that I'm struggling to configured within IG&L.


Customer has the concept of Agents and Agency Staff. 


  • Agency Staff are identified by the Employee Type
  • Agents are identified by the Employee Type and any named Supervisors. For example Tracy, Steven and Richard are all treated as agents



These need to be reviewed separately, as follows:

  • A review for Agency Staff excluding the Agents
  • A review for the just the Agents


Using the above as example, the Agency Staff review would need to exclude Hayes, Tracy as she will be included in the Agent review.


I've been trying to use the advanced filtering within the review definition to achieve this, using logic such as the below:



However, after saving the review definition the where clause is automatically changed (notice SUPERVISOR_ID becomes Supervisor) which then returns 0 results.



Can anyone suggest a better way of achieving this?


Thanks in advance,