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Upgrade RSA SA to NetWitness - Backup and Migration

Discussion created by Visham Rawat on Aug 30, 2019
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Just want to confirm a couple of points, and hopefully I have the right understanding!


The Backup process for upgrading RSA SA 10.6.6 to RSA NetWitness 11.3 basically captures all the configuration for all RSA SA servers. This configuration information includes IP, subnet and other network and other information as well, right?


Now, once the 11.3 VM is setup, we migrate the HDDs of the corresponding 10.6.6 VM to the 11.3 VM, which basically means we're migrating all the log and meta data from the 10.6.6 VM to the 11.3 VM, right? So, for instance if I migrate the 10.6.6 VM HDDs of the Archiver to the 11.3 Archiver, I shall have all the logs and meta available on the new 11.3 Archiver machine, correct?


Additionally, after we've setup the VM, and before running nwsetup-tui we restore the backed up configuration on the VM, which should assign the same network (including IP and subnet) and other info to the new 11.3 VM, as was assigned to the corresponding old 10.6.6 VM, right?


Please let me know if I've got this understanding right!