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Single approval email notification for multiple approval items in a Change request

Question asked by Devani Nagaratnam on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Mostafa Helmy

Hi All, Boris Lekumovich


We have a requirement of sending single (consolidated) Approval email notification for multiple approval item, because the approver is same for all these approval items.


Currently, the system is designed in such a way, if the requester is requesting 10 application role for single user, then 10 Email notification is generated and sent to the approver.


Please provide inputs based on the below scenarios


In case if they are requesting 100 application roles, in which 50 roles belongs to 1 approver, 10 roles belongs to 1 approver and 40 roles belongs to 1 approver. In this case, we have have only 3 unique approvers. So only 3 email notifications should be sent to respective approvers.


Note: Approver details are collected into RSA though CSV file and the approver email is stored in custom attribute.

We have tried with grouping option, below screenshot for config details. But this is working, only if there are only one approver in the change request, in case if there are 3 approvers in single change request, then approval is not happening, because workflow is taking the array of email address. So how to handle this array of email address to process it one by one. We have tried using Next value node, but no luck.




Is it possible to send only one email notification for each approvers? Please provide your inputs on this.


RSA Version - 7.0.2 P8
Standalone DB



Devani N