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Is there a way to adjust the schedules for Rules and Collectors instead of manually updating each of them

Question asked by Jithesh Yatheendran Employee on Sep 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2019 by Jithesh Yatheendran

Version 7.0.2
Application Server Name: JBOSS
Appliance: false
Soft Appliance: true
Database: DB_REMOTE


Customer has migrated from 7.0.2 On-Premises to 7.0.2 AWS environment and noticed that all schedules like Rules, Collectors are set as per Central timezone but the new server (on AWS) is on UTC.  Customer do not want to edit and update all collectors/rules manually since there are lot of them so is looking for a way to update the timezone so that all schedules will reflect the new timezone which is UTC. 


Excerpt from the customer email:

Is there an easy way to adjust the schedules for rules and collections? The new server is on UTC time zone while the schedules are set for central time zone. I don’t want to manually edit hundreds of schedule items…



Please advise.


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