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User Change entry for a Type = "Container" is Pending Action

Question asked by Chris Pope on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2019 by Ian Staines

We are on IGL 7.1.0 Patch 03.  I have opened Case 01445481 for this but after a week and several inquiries I have been given no explanation or resolution for the following:


During Termination processing, we have a Termination Rule to remove Users from Business Roles within IGL.  As part of the generated Termination request, there is an entry under User Changes to Remove the user from a "Container" that remains "Pending Action".  I do not know what this is.  I assume it is an internal IGL object type but can find no information on it in documentation or on this RSA Link.


During further investigation, I also noticed that this same "Container" type is added during our onboarding through our Role Membership Difference Rule to add new users to the same Business Roles.  Again, the Add request has a similar entry under User Changes to add the user to a "Container" and like the Remove it, this is "Pending Action".


These "Containers" do no show up on the User Profile.

I do not find an entry on the PV_CHANGE_REQUEST_ACTIVITY View nor on the T_AV_AFX_REQUEST Table, so I cannot see how they are added or removed.


Does anyone have this same issue?  Does anyone know what a "Container" type is?  Why can't IGL Add nor Remove these "Container" objects?


Many thanks in advance for any help to this very frustrating scenario.