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RSA Access Manager RHEL5 to 7 upgrade advice

Question asked by Randy Galbraith on Sep 24, 2019
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Hi Everyone,


Thanks in advance for reading my post and responding! I'm a software engineer in large US-based company. I've been tasked with upgrading two Java-based modules currently running on Red Hat Enterprise GNU/Linux 5.11 (Tikanga) to 7.6 (Maipo). There modules are integrated with RSA Access Manager.


My first task is setting up a working copy of the components in a development environment. I have limited access to our system administration staff. Thus our typical work pattern is to do as much as possible within development then if needed ask our sys-admin folks for help. This works well for most of the Free Software components I typically work with. Thus my first "please advise" orbits around download and install questions. Our sys-admin staff does make available "sandbox" hosts for senior staff such as myself. On such hosts we have root access.


The first thing I would like to get installed on my sandbox host is "RSA Authentication Agent 8.0 for Web for Apache Web Server" Side note: On page 13 (and elsewhere) of the install guide it shows the command "cd /usr/sbin/httpd" should that be "cd /usr/sbin"?


Based on the install script and the document it appears I must install "RSA Access Manager" first. Is that correct? My conclusion here orbits around the mention of the file /var/ace/sdconf.rec (see page 14 of the Installation and Configuration Guide). Is it possible to install these items for development purposes without a paid-for end-user-license?


Kind regards,

-Randy Galbraith