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RSA SecureID Access Question1

Question asked by Tom Chaudhry on Sep 25, 2019
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Hello Support.
1. We have an in house developed custom application which we want to authenticate using MFA authentication. This in-house application is running on our local VMWare cloud Server.  We want to use RSA SecureID Manager and Agent to do multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for this application.

2. We don’t want to develop our own custom agent to work with your RSA SecureID manager.

3. We have on-premises SharePoint 2016. Can we use this SharePoint 2016 to MFA authenticate our in-house application. Regular users on SharePoint will not be Authenticated using RSA SecureID. Only users who want to run our custom application will be authenticated using RSA SecureID MFA Authentication.

4. Can we achieve this using I believe your IIS Agent “RSA Authentication Agent 8.0.3 for Web for IIS xx” with SharePoint 2016?

5. Please advice.

Tom Chaudhry.