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Authentication possibilities or tokens for a visual impact user

Question asked by Kerstin Reiss on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2019 by Edward Davis


I’ve the following question from a customer: they are using RSA SecurID with SID700 HW tokens and they search for a possibility/solution to authenticate barrier-free for a blind person. They use at home the Checkpoint EndpointSecurity VPN-Client to connect.

I found a very useful answer in your community with subject:

ADA-Compliant Authentication Tokens /

Hereafter there are several possibilites for a visual impared user which i can understand:

SID800 USB Token with windows screen reader, RSA SecurID SW Token for Windows with screen reader and RSA SecurID Softwaretoken App with Mobile Phone

But i don’t understand the operation mode of the hint:

The USB-based RSA SecurID “SID800” hardware token along with the Windows token can auto-populate the tokencode following PIN input in several popular agents, without requiring the user to be able to see the tokencode

Could you explain to me, is there perhaps a possibility to auto-populate the Checkpoint EPS Client?

Or are there perhaps other possibilites in this case?

Thank you for assistance