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ASR still shows old remote DB IP after cloning to a new environment

Question asked by Jithesh Yatheendran Employee on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2020 by Kevin Perkins

Customer is on 7.0.2 with remote DB.  They cloned their environment to another VM to create a new dev environment.  In the new dev environment, IGL was not coming up.  Noticed that the config files like etc/HOSTNAME, aveksa_system.cfg, aveksa_standalone_full.xml and remote DB files tnsnames and listener.ora were still pointing to old hostname/IP details. So changed them to reflect the new host/remote DB details.  The new environment is up now with new remote DB but the freshly generated ASR is showing old Database details under "Database Application Information" section.  Is the ASR pulling it from t_system_settings table?  Where should we update the new remoteDB details so that ASR also reflects the new DB details or am I missing to update any other config files? 

Please advise.

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