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workflow decision on role owner change

Question asked by Marcel van Kekeren on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by George Kwakkernaat

We are trying to setup an role management workflow that in case of a change in role owner for a specific role an approval is requested from the role set owner.


For this we try to configure an Decision node in the workflow that detects the change of role owner and reroutes the approval to the role set owner.

 Role management workflow


We tried different option in e Decision node but none of them seems to be fine grained enough to detect only the role owner change.

 Role change condition


The decision node with the option contains role change looks the most promising.

If in one of the operand dropdowns you had the option to select the old value of owner UserID.


is there an out of the box way to have de Decision  node detect specific changes to the role metadata (Role Owner)