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DB2 (Based on Linux) integration

Discussion created by rajbir singh on Oct 19, 2019
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Hello All, 


We are in process to integrate DB2 with RSA netwitness 11.1. We checked the RSA integration document and found DB2  integration for windows and AIX is already supported. 


Can any one help to integrate DB2 installed on Linux? we need help to enable auditing on DB2 which is installed on Linux.

I believe there would be no much difference in enabling auditing on DB2, as it would be the same for DB2 either its installed on AIX or Linux. Please correct me if i am wrong. 


Also, please help with the required commands or steps to enable auditing? 


Once auditing is enabled we can use sftp to collect logs files. 


Thanks in advance. 

Aaron Geer Aaron Thummel RSA Customer Support