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Chef didn't find conf file client.rb

Discussion created by rajbir singh on Oct 22, 2019
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Hi All, 


We are facing issue in installing log decoder and log collector service on log decoder. 


we found that log collector service is missing on log decoder and while we tried to add it manually we were facing an issue, so we thought to gave a try to re-provisioning. Now host is successfully discovered by Admin server and added into host page but when we try to install service on log decoder then its shows error and prompt to check install logs (attached). 


when i checked install log i found chef is throwing some error and failed to install the service. Also i found rabbitmq-server service is not running on log decoder, showing error not able to connect rabbitmq@?????????? node down. 


please check attached install logs and see if anyone can suggest on this. I have opened PMR with support but they are asking for SA server nwtech log (in process to provide) but it doesn't seems SA server issue. 


Thanks in advance. 

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