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How to perform asset ownership review?

Question asked by Boleslaw Mynarski on Nov 2, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2019 by Frank Schubert

Maybe my management wants to stretch the product beyond its capabilities because from the governance perspective, RSA provides user, account, group, and role review types.  We need something more which the other four do not fulfill.  A question that is often asked in our organization is: "Are you still the owner of...." and if no, "who should it be?"  It does not have to be necessarily a group, entitlement, account, or a role.  Think of it as ANY type of asset (can be even such a thing as a data feed).


Is there a way of conducting such a review in RSA Identity & Access Governance today?  We are on v7.1.0 P08 on our way to v7.1.1 P03+