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How to point Remote DB?

Question asked by Yunus Emre Guloglu on Nov 3, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Yunus Emre Guloglu

Hi all,


We've used rsa-supplied database on hardware appliance but cloned it to our internal servers. Now I need to point cloned database yet do not want to move OS to same server or reinstall it. I've already read IGL_7.1.1_Installation_Guide but I've some questions.

Which files should be updated is mentioned in Updating Database Hostname References in the System but will it be enough?


In the IGL_7.1.1_Database_Setup_and_Management_Guide there is a part about Validate Compatibility of the Database Import and it mentions isRemoteDB = Yes must be set on the table T_SYSTEM_SETTINGS. This variable is not found on table. Should I insert it?


I request help whoever has successfully done this before.