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How to only get ONE push approval on iPhone, not multiples.

Question asked by Stu Roberts on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2019 by Randy Belbin

I have successfully integrated RSA Cloud Authentication and have push notifications working to my users' RSA app on their iPhone to connect to our company VPN.. The user may now start their Windows VPN client, and then it flows to RSA as a Radius request which is then converted to another Radius using Windows Server Network Policy Server (NPS) which sends the request to the RSA cloud to push the authentication 2FA to the user's RSA app on their iPhone.


The trouble is that employees are receiving MULTIPLE Sign-in windows on the iPhone app, in a rapid fashion.  They are getting two approval sign-in windows within about two seconds of each other.  Even if I manage to approve using the first one, the second still appears.  On the client connection side, it appears that when I approve on the first window, it then connects succesfully to the VPN.  


How can I determine why the RSA cloud authentication layer is sending multiple sign-in requests?