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RSA Auth Manager upgrade

Question asked by Nicanor Pulido on Nov 12, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2019 by Jay Guillette


I'd like to share a customer upgrade project, and choose the best strategy for such upgrade. I think it is a frequent scenario for several customers, now that some hardware appliances are reaching their EOSLs.

The customer have hardware AM appliances, one Primary and several Replicas, version 8.1.

They want to migrate to new hardware AM appliances (model 350) plus AM in virtual machines.


The idea is to preserve the IPs of all the current instances in the new ones, so that they do not need to reconfigure the agents.


The proposed strategy, begins with updating all the instances to latest version and patch, and then inserting the new instances as replicas (both hardware and virtual), with new IPs. Then at least a Replica Promotion and the IP reconfiguring of the new instances need to be done, but, what order do you think is optimal (less risky, minimizing downtime).


Thanks un advance.