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RSA L&G 7 Virtual Appliance re-installation steps

Question asked by Lakshman Varadharajan on Nov 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Lakshman Varadharajan

RSA L&G version 7.1



Server : Virtual appliance setup using the .ova file

DB : Remote Database.


We had deployed .ova file and was running RSA 7.1 version. Now i wanted to do re-installation  which i tried by running ./ 

and then trying to run the ./ (from the  aveksa binary which i downloaded form RSA link.) and the result i got was 'Installation was complete', but there was no prompt showed to enter any details. e.g. it did not asked about the Remote DB connection details etc.


So what is the process if i need to do re installation ?  Any help me with the steps would be really appreciated.