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Packet Lua Parser - assistance

Question asked by David Gassman on Dec 2, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by David Gassman

I'm working on a packet parser that I could use some Community help with.

Essentially I'm trying to find a token and then register that token as meta in an existing key. Additionally, if more than one token is found in the session - register the others as well.


Here's what I've done thus far - but it's not producing the expected results:


local lua_findme = nw.createParser("lua_findme", "Finding tokens")


function lua_findme:magic(token)
nw.createMeta(self.keys["threat.desc"], token)


["badPassword"] = lua_findme.magic,
["SupportedEncryption"] = lua_findme.magic,
["AccountType"] = lua_findme.magic,



Essentially I've got a list of tokens that I want to be on the look out for and I want the parser to register meta for each finding. Ex: the parser should create meta 'badPassword' under threat.desc && also register 'AccountType' under threat.desc if it is found in that session.


Thanks in advance!