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Review escalation description table

Question asked by Boleslaw Mynarski on Dec 11, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Boleslaw Mynarski

Due to other events related to monitors of our reviews, we have to start tracking when review escalations start disappearing from review results.  The following gives me 99% of all I want but I want to get the remaining 1%:


SELECT AS review_name,
      when re.workflow_id in ('acm$reviewrevoke') then 'Mark As Revoke'
      else re.workflow_id
   end as review_workflow,
   re.reviewer_constraint as review_escalation,
   re.num_days as days_into_review,
   rm.creation_date as review_create_date,
   rm.end_date as review_end_date
FROM avuser.t_av_reviews_mst rm
left JOIN avuser.t_av_review_escalations re
   ON = re.review_id
      AND rm.is_active = 'Y'
WHERE rm.state NOT IN ('C')
order by;


Question: which table contains review escalation description???  I've been looking high and low and I cannot find any table/view that would give me a hint on what table stores it.


I checked t_av_review_escalations and it does not have any foreign keys linking with another table that would give me more information about the escalation.  Where can I find this info?