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AM 8.4 Patch 8 - Failed to attach replica

Question asked by Daniel Bruss on Dec 13, 2019
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I have a primary instance of AM running on VMware and using version 8.4 P8.  In my DR site, I created a new VMware VM running 8.4 and I tried setting it up a couple of times as a replica but both times, I received a message that the replica failed to attach.  As far as I can tell, the clocks are synced between the existing AM and the new one.  I also have DNS records set up so that both servers can resolve each other by name.  These two sites are linked together via a site-to-site VPN with no ports being filtered but I am wondering if the VPN connection is somehow creating too much latency for the replication to succeed.  I found a tech note about increasing a timeout value but the article was for version 8.1 and the command in there didn't seem to run on my 8.4 P8 primary AM server.


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