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Attribute Synchronization querying user's info on IGL

Question asked by Jose Luis Lopez on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2019 by Jose Luis Lopez

Hello all,


I have a situation where I need to synchronize "manager" attribute on an AD. However, the value for this attribute is a full Distinguished Name, and I do not want to add another identity file to feed this info into an identity unification.


I collected, for each user on the system, their current distinguished name on AD (custom attribute), and also, for each user, I have the user id for their respective manager (obtained from an HR identity feed). 


So, I figured that what I need to do to synchronize the value I need, is to perform a query on the user table (or view), using the manager's user id as the where clause, and select the corresponding custom attribute for the DN to be synchronized with manager attribute on AD.


I understand also that the functionality inside javascripts in attribute synchronization process may not support this querying of information.


So, do you have any ideas on how can we accomplish this, or an appropriate procedure to synchronize the manager attribute on AD from the information that is already available in the user's view?