Dwayne Fryer

Upgrading "New" v10.6.6 Log Gear to v11.2.0

Discussion created by Dwayne Fryer on Dec 18, 2019
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We just deployed some new log gear and I need assistance with getting this gear upgraded to v11.2.0. I have attempted to upgrade the devices with our v11.2.0 ISO and build stick but the issue comes into place when I run nwsetup-tui and the script is looking for specific files in the /var/netwitness/database/nw-backup directory. Since this is new gear and there are no backups how do I get these devices upgraded to v11.2.0? I tried a work around where I used the backup files from a similar device but it tried to upgrade that specific device. Also, since this is new gear the all-systems file does not have these IPs. Please advise ASAP. Thanks.