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Updating the network setting after the Virtual Application .ova file deployment

Question asked by Lakshman Varadharajan on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2019 by Rakhee Tarar

RSA L&G version 7.1


Server : Virtual appliance setup using the .ova file


I did the virtual appliance deployment and it took me through the IAG setting page after the ova deployment and it took me to the tabs where i entered the Network settings details of the OS and it was successful. so far i am good.

But now i need to one more domain search to the list which is not working.


I used the YAST command to update what i want system-->network settings-->Hostname   and added the new Domain search, but it was not showing up in the /etc/resolve.conf.

What is see in network settings from the YAST is NOT reflected in the /etc/resolve.conf.  


Will YAST is the right tool to update the network setting for this virtual appliance?  or just directly update the /etc/resolve.conf

Any idea whats going on here ?