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Requests stuck in open state on the queue

Question asked by Viktor Daskalov on Jan 3, 2020
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I am opening this question due to an issue related to stuck requests in open state on the queue.



At the beginning the workflow didn't allow so many entitlements to be processed at once, but after a re-work on it the requests completed successfully. But then another problem came up.

We have been testing submissions of explicit access requests with huge amount of direct/indirect entitlements (200-250). After several tests (4-5) the requests became stuck into open state. Any of them have been canceled but other couldn't. Rebooted the services and server multiple times, but this didn't help.

I was able to found something (described below) similar on this topic but not the resolution. 

Typically there is nothing wrong with the requests that are waiting to be serviced by the request queue, the problem is that the request queue is busy with some other request.  

The problem is typically one very large request, or sometimes a request that incorrectly spawned many workflow items.  Particularity Role requests can sometimes be much larger than anticipated. This explains our current scenario.

Ideally we canceled the problem request, but be aware that request cancelling also is mediated by WorkPoint so it puts the same load on the server as processing the request originally. 


The described makes sense but does anyone know how to fix it ?