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How insert values into a SQL Database after collection

Question asked by Falco Dussault on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2020 by Andy Cheek

I would like some help / advice on how to proceed since I have not found any information. Just help and then proceed independently.
I have IGL 7.1, HR csv as an authoritative source, AD provisioning, and an SQL database to provision. I was able to correctly collect the users that HR provides via csv and, automatically, I create identities in IGL and accounts on AD.
What I'm not able is populate the SQL database by inserting specific values into a new entry, values that I have in the csv file.

This database is used by all applications: these applications query the db and, based on the values present, allow a user to log in or not.
The database simply has 1 table with 4 fields: name, surname, unique code, authorization.
Authorization is a number that applications read to make authorization.
So I would like to create new entries on this database by inserting these 4 fields every time a new user is created by HR in the csv, in order to have a complete automation that from an HR csv file an account is created on AD and one entry on DB SQL.


I tried to create the connector to the database but what it does is create a new user in the database login security (so it creates a user to login to the database itself - I don't need this).
I would instead like to insert a new entry into the database itself, like:
name, surname, unique code, authorization.
I tried, as a test, also to create a request form, but also in this case the user is created in the login security and not the entry inside the db.
Can you give me some advice? Do you have any screenshots on the configuration?
Thank you