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Failed to install services on NetWitness server

Question asked by Yotam Ben Ezra on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Erica Chalfin

Hi all,
I'm new with NW and I have a couple of basic questions.


I'm trying to deploy NW on AWS so, for now, I succeed to install and login to the NW platform using the Lite Version.

Q: How can I get the full version? what are the differences?

Q: Does the ISO need to be the same version as the server? 
Q: I want to forward Syslog from Fortigate, which component I need to configure?
Q: Is it a Log collector/Log Decoder/Hybrid Log Collector? What are the differences between these services?

Q: I deploy Remote Log Collector from the public AMI, is it necessary? or that I can forward logs to port 514 in the NW server?
I'm trying to install services using the UI, Admin>Host>Install> Log Collector but it keeps failing, it's not something the wrong with log collector because when I tried to install any other service its also failed.
Q: What can be the problem?