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Questions about version 7.1

Question asked by Lena Nilsson on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2020 by Jamie Pryer
We are in the process of upgrading from our current version 7.0.2 to 7.1 or possibly 7.2.

Right now we have installed 7.1.1 P02 in a test environment to be able to test the functionality before installing in our production environment. 
We now have some questions:
  1. The ability for a reviewer to send email to the users in a review, is it possible to add this feature back to the product permanently and not just in the legacy feature?
  2. (Attachment RSA 1 Pending revoke) We have logged in as a reviewer.
    Why is it Pending revoke 0 in the general view when there is actually one (1) Pending revoke?
  3.  (Attachment RSA 2 Rows in a review) We have logged in as a reviewer.
    Different spacing in different pictures or at different times. The lines are not visible, if you change view, they can appear for a while and disappear again.
  4. (Attachment RSA 3 White fields) We have logged in as a reviewer.
    There are white fields when you switch between completed and active. Sometimes, nothing at all is visible on the screen (completely white).
Note: Edited by JamieP to change from bullet to number list