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Charts - Dynamic Click URL?

Question asked by Clive Morrish Employee on Jan 9, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by Ahmed Nofal



Using V7.1, I currently have an object dashboard configured against applications that includes a pie chart showing the number of orphan accounts.


What I'd like to then have is the ability to click on the chart and have it display a report listing all the orphan accounts.


I've tried to achieve this using the Click URL option under the Functional Attributes menu of the chart to include the URL of the report.



I'm taking the URL from the Dashboard Components screen:


Although the process of clicking the chart and displaying the report works, I can't get it to return dynamic data. Meaning that the same report results are returned no matter which application you click on the pie chart in.


Is it possible to somehow make the Click URL dynamic?


Thanks in advance,