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Automated process for updating custom attributes

Question asked by Abhinav Athikam on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on May 22, 2020 by Abhinav Athikam
Hi All,
We've a use case to update tags for  specific groups, entitlement and app roles of all applications in G&L to identify them uniquely and pull them in review definition based on that tag information.
To achieve that we're planning to create a custom attribute for Groups, entitlements and approles in G&L. The challenge is, G&L does not allow to write jobs on custom attributes to reconcile information, it has to be done manually and there are  1000's of entitlements in our environment which will become a tedious process to update tags for each entitlement manually.
Is there any process to update custom attribute through a csv file like how there is option updating long and short desc through CSV file in desc tab?
or any other automated process for update custom attributes ( We are restricted to run update commands on backend database and which is not recommended by RSA)