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Multi-Asset Review Reporting

Question asked by William May on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy

I am looking for a manageable solution that will allow me to provide reporting to a large audience of business source/asset owners which have their assets under review in a single user access review.


Currently, I have a single review results report that I am generating that contains all assets. I understand that I have the option to create individual reports for each business source or level of grouping that is required (some consolidation may be appropriate where ownership is the same), however, there are several hundred business sources and stand-alone active directory groups being reviewed, and this is a ever changing (growing) population that would require a ton of manual management to maintain individual report definitions per "audience".


One option I've briefly explored is using object level dashboards, however, this option doesn't allow the owners of those objects to export the reporting relevant to them, at least that I'm aware. If there was an option for them to download the report from either an Application or Business Unit dashboard (binding the report to T_AV_BUSINESS_UNITS.ID or T_APPLICATIONS.ID), I could see this being a scalable option. Still wouldn't solve my problem of reporting on stand-alone groups in a review.


Has anyone else faced this challenge and found a crafty way to manage it?