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Android sample app for RSA Mobile SDK Collection Module 4.0.0 does not build

Question asked by Elio Maggini on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2020 by Ross Irvine

I am attempting to build the sample source code provided with the 4.0 distribution.


The initial build fails first with a report that is not a known repo.


I took a guess and commented that out and uncommented the other  lines present. This got me to an error about leftShift being unavailable, which I was able to fix by replacing with doLast.


Now the build fails with ERROR: Failed to resolve:, even thought it shows in the project explorer and in the Project Structure dialog.


Additionally, though this is a 4.0.0 SDK....the pre-built APK provided, when loaded onto a phone, shows that SDK_VERSION 3.11.0 is being used. Is it possible the entire samples directory was not updated with 4.0.0 release?


Being able to actually build and run the sample project would greatly assist in the evaluation efforts I've been assigned by my company.


Thank you.