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Detecting Return From Leave Of Absence

Question asked by Lakshman Varadharajan on Feb 2, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by Jamie Pryer

I am trying to setup detection date for users who are returning from the Leave Of Absence (RFLOA)

I have the Rule configured with the below setting and it detects the users who are returning from Leave i.e job_status changes to 'A', but this setting also captures
users who are re-hired, when users job_status change from 'T' to 'A' as well.


User Attribute change

user condition
When change is detected on existing users

For all active users
User with the following attribute changes
users.job_status in ('L','P')

Update the managed attribute

Is it possible to detect only users who's Job_status changes from 'L' or 'P' to 'A', as this is what i need to capture for return from leave of absence?

Any help is really appreciated.