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How to manage empty attribute value to AFX

Question asked by Steve Alexandre on Feb 4, 2020
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I'm currently using the web service createChangeRequest for using the OOTB AFX for account actions(creation/activation/deactivation/etc...).


My logic is when adding a specific entitlement "Create Account", it will precalculate some attributes and push them through the API to generate create account request and It's working pretty well when I have all values defined. These attributes are mapped to the afx by the prefix "AFXCUSTOM_" and defined in the mapping of the capabitility. So for example manager dn attribute is map to ${Workflow.Managerdn}.


We have some case where for example, the manager is not defined or doesn't have an AD account so the value will be null. If it's null, the AFX seems trying to send "[]" to this attribute and on Active Directory, manager must be a DN or not set so I get an constraint violation and cannot create an account if no manager. (checked by setting the afx to debug)


How can I define the afx to not send this attribute if he is empty ?


You can find below the attribute of a current workflow running, the afx mapping and the afx log(critical and personnal infos has been hidden) :