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Continued questions about version 7.1

Question asked by Lena Nilsson on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2020 by Ian Staines

It is not possible for a reviewer to adjust text wrapping and Table width in Table Option.


Can this affect the problem we are experiencing regarding rows and white fields. Also that the view/ window is cut so that the user needs to scroll to see the options columns and rows.



As an admin, this feature is available under table option in 7.1. Is it only an admin who can set up wrap and resize?


What is your recommendation for text wrapping and Table width for best effect for a reviwer, to adjust line breaking, white fields and cut view on laptop screen.


This  applies to both EDGE and CROME on a laptop screen.


In other terms in the this picture we can not see the table option without using a schroll.

Our experience is that the users will not think of looking for the scroll all the time.


Nothing happens when you press the OK button on the table option. You need to click outside the box, both in EDGE and CHROME.

If a selection is made, the OK button works to close the dialog.