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Log Parser tool on Linux

Discussion created by Dave Glover Employee on Feb 6, 2020
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Currently the Log Parser Tool is built for Windows and Mac.  


Using Wine 4.x you can install and run the Log Parser tool on Linux (Mint and Ubuntu)


To install and run the LPT on linux you need to follow the following instructions:


Install Wine 4.x 

Download the Log Parser Tool MSI File

Execute the following statement from where the msi file is located 

   -> wine msiexec /i LPTSetup-


That will install the Log Parser Tool in 

   ->/home/{user}/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files"/RSA/"NW LPT 1.1"/


You can now run the tool using the following command

   -> wine /home/{user}/.wine/drive_c/"Program Files"/RSA/"NW LPT 1.1"/NwLPT.exe


I set up a desktop shortcut using the following:


And now you can just double clink icon




I have used this a couple of times to build parsers, so everything appears to be working as it should