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Rest Connectors with OAUTH2.0

Question asked by Sunita Bhat on Mar 11, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by Neeraja Mahajan

Hello All,

I am trying to integrate an endpoint with RestWebservice Connector. I am using RSAIG&L P09_HF04.


Note: I have a OAUTH2.0 server from where I get access token and I have a separate server which is my application endpoint.


Setup: The connector settings are correct and I am able to generate the OAuth2.0 access token when I use the button "Get OAuth2.0 acess token". I can verify this by looking at the database record in the table T_OAUTH_RECORD.


Issue: My trouble starts when I am testing a capability.

1>I am not sure how and where this Access Token gets passed at run time. I have enabled all the logging (ACM and AFX) but can't see this data.

2> Support team tells me that it goes though a variable called ${setting.access_token} but I am unable to see its content even through I tried to add this to the request body.

3> I am not sure where my login capability should point to? The command path is relative to endpoint but I think I should be go to OAUTH server.


Any one has used this connectors successfully?