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Move Account Provisioining Command Node in Fulfillment Workflow

Question asked by Viktor Daskalov on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by Ahmed Nofal
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I've seen the same topic that, I am interested in is already raised so, I would like to bring out the following scenario which is still not working for me. I am trying to move an account from 1 OU to another in AD (further I will need the same for OpenLDAP as well) whenever its being requested account deletion. This is the WF that I am using currently. The WF I use originally was the AFX default fulfillment, but I have reworked it as it has to perform some specific scenario.

For moving the account in another OU, I redirected the start to a derision node Is Account Deletion (true/false) in order not to pass trough the AFX Fullfilment Handler because the account will be deleted (I need it only moved in other OU). Right?
Then I have the following query:

'CN=' || '${jobUserData_Z3ID}' ||
',OU=Tenant A,OU=Users,OU=Test,OU=Test1,DC=access,DC=example,DC=com' as OLD_DN,
'OU=Tenant B,OU=Users,OU=Test,OU=Test1,DC=access,DC=example,DC=com' as NEW_DN
from dual

I have already predefined the variable '${jobUserData_Z3ID}'  in the other sql select node. Actually the variable is the user ID itself.



Provisioning node accordingly has the variables of the sql select node:



If I execute a change request the variable values are being presented in the WF:


The request complete successfully but, if I check in AD the Account is not being moved, its still in the same OU e.g.  OU=Tenant A



AFX connector, Move an Account capability mapping, I left empty because values are being taken from the provisioning node right ? Also here should not be used AFXCUSTOM_ (as I am using it successfully for specific account attribute values population in case of an account creation only).




Does anyone have a clue what might be missed ?