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Reviews with critical access.

Question asked by Martin Olesen on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by Jamie Pryer

Hi guys, 


I am working on creating a Reviews with critical access.


My setup is that i have setup an entitelment collector, that are collecting all groups in application. It collect 300 entitelments, it contains ENT. ID, ENT description and ENT name. But in the DB there is also a table that markes if the  entitelments is CRITICAL.


I would like if the collector differens on which entitelment are critical and which are not, so i can make a review of the critical ones and get it signed off by a manger.


So may question is.


- how do i make IG&l collector differens on which are critical

- how do I make a review to send out to the manager


Hope someone can help me out, ty.