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Time to stop using jTDS driver?

Discussion created by Pradeep Kadambar Employee on Mar 13, 2020
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy

If you haven't noticed the jTDS driver for MS SQL hasn't been updated in a while (almost 6 years). In the past jTDS type 4 driver had performance and stability benefits over Microsoft's JDBC driver (Download Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server - SQL Server | Microsoft Docs ).


However it might be just the right time to stop using jTDS and use the Microsoft JDBC driver. Some of the reasons for changing the driver could be

  • Supportabilty - Microsoft's JDBC driver supports latest Java LTS versions 8 & 13
  • Security - jTDS does not support TLS1.2 which is current standard for secure connections
  • Better compatibility with MS SQL features


What to change?


  • Driver -
  • URL - jdbc.url=jdbc:sqlserver://dbhost:1433;databaseName=databasename;


This is not an endorsement but a forum for sharing your thoughts this topic.