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Can you disable ADFS SSO Authentication from a config file?

Question asked by Shlomo Katz on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by Shlomo Katz

Migrated Prod 7.1 Oracle 12c database to dev 7.2 Oracle 12c appliance.

Prod, and previous dev, environment use ADFS SSO for authentication.

The migration went ok and ACM started, however:

When I access the UI, it automatically redirects to Prod ADFS SSO.

I am trying to bypass with /aveksa/main?SSOLogin=false&PageID=LoginPage

but even that redirects to PROD.

In other words:

Removing the security domain for ADFS from aveksa-standalone-full.xml , is always overwritten with the old server information.

Any thoughts?


Thank you