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For Loop in Custom Task

Question asked by Marta Benedetti on Mar 18, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2020 by Frank Schubert

Hi all,

I'm creating a custom task and I have to use 2 grafted for loops in RSA IGL 7.1.1

I'm trying to understand the difference of the transition properties used for the next value, I see that there are 3 options.



The 2 loops works fine if they are separated.

Once I graft one loop inside the other, I have some troubles: once the smaller loop is done and the next value of the bigger loop is about to be performed, it is as if job's variables are "reset" so the next value is not performed at all. 

I've already created the loop but I'd like to understand more the difference between the transition properties

Can you please help me?


Thank you,