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IG&L cache settings

Question asked by Cristy Sy Employee on Mar 20, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Ian Staines

As per customer they encountered the below issue and they "assumed that it was caused by cache settings in IG&L so we would like to know how to check caching settings in IG&L 7.1.1 P04".

i.e. An end user found that Supervisor information on the (user profile) is incorrect.
      But when they checked through admin session, they found that the information has changed.

For example:
Identity Collection for A : Supervisor of A is C
User A log on session: Supervisor of A is B
Admin log on session: Supervisor of A is C


They have cleared the cache but it did not resolve the issue, they said they still see the wrong Supervisor info on the user profile from end user's session, and correct Supervisor info of same user from the admin session.

And also they could not replicate this issue as it got resolved on its own.


Customer is asking if IG&L has cache settings and how/which to check?



I suspect it is a data related or data collection issue and asked them when the IDC for this user was run and when it completed,and I would like to see the raw data but they haven't replied yet.

They are instead asking the IG&L cache settings.