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Indirect Entitlements in Access Request Form

Question asked by Philip Martinez on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by Ian Staines

Unable to see indirect entitlements (granted by role) held by user in Access Request Form.  


Since the above question was marked as assumed answered, I'm posting here with the same question. I tested this on Patch 05 of 7.1.1 and haven't seen a change in behavior. 


Daniel Ekerman originally asked Feb 2018


"Unable to see indirect entitlements (granted by role) held by user in Access Request Form, even though "Mark entitlements rows already held by target users" is checked. Is this another way to get the entitlements the user already has to show up as pre-checked in the form?"

I followed up

Did anyone ever get any feedback on this? I also am noticing the same issue.


One thing I've noticed is that with Change Item Handling set to "Add selected items" the indirect access doesn't show up in the form.For example Garth Brooks is a member of "Business Role 1" which has "Technical Role 1" as one of the entitlements. 


If "Technical Role 1" is the only role in the role set, the table is empty. 



However, if you change the form field such that Change Item Handling is "Subject must have one entitlement" or "Subject may have one entitlement" then whatever indirect access the user has is listed, but IGL doesn't check mark the access. This indicates that these two change item handlers ignore indirect access. 


Is this by design or a bug? 



I would expect "Technical Role 1" to be checked in this screenshot, because Garth Brooks indirectly has the access.