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RSA Access Manager Agent 5.0 install media

Question asked by Randy Galbraith on Mar 30, 2020
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Hi Everyone,


I have a few (hopefully) simple questions about RSA Access Manager Agent 5.0.


Q1: Is the Agent a separate product from RSA Access Manager in general?

Q2: If the Agent comes with RSA Access Manager is it on the same install media?

Q3: In a nominal setup would one expect RSA Access Manager always work with the Agent component? Or is the opposite true? That is, customers use RSA Access Manager but often do not need to use the Agent?


I have RSA Access Manager 6.2.4 and admin console installed within my development environment. My goal is to understand whether or not it is likely that I'll need to pursue install of the Agent (Apache on GNU/Linux in my case) and if so, where one would find the install media.


Asking these questions here may seem somewhat odd since one would assume I should know the setup within my own environment. However, in very large organizations separation of duties (software development vs production) can hamper discovery. My main contact for these items within our organization is often very busy.


Kind regards,

-Randy Galbraith