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Modify or Delete an empty custom attribute

Question asked by Steve Alexandre on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by Steve Alexandre

Hi everyone,


I know in the past on the forum it has already being replied.


I have create an attribute with a wrong configuration.(Collected instead of Managed editable)

I can't rollback because it's in our dev environment and I forgot to request a backup before by the DBA team and the old backup is too far away of the actual version.


I have tried to modify the attribute in the table T_AV_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES and reboot the product but change nothing. The attribute is still in Collected state not editable while in the DB is not.

I can understand on an attribute filled, it can be complicated to modify/delete the attribute to the data linked but in this case, it's just after the creation so nothing filled yet.


There is a way to do something?


Thank you.