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RESTful AFX - Handling null values in the request body

Question asked by Jesvin Joseph on Apr 6, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by Ian Staines

Hi Experts,


Below is part of a REST API JSON request body, which we are trying to setup in the OOB Restful AFX connector as part of a joiner WF.


"userId": "${userId}",
"userName": "${userName}",
"firstName": "${firstName}",
"lastName": "${lastName}",

"ous": [
"ouId": "${Location}",
"type": "Location"


The ouID attribute should be a valid value (which is a user attribute, obtained from PV_USERS table in the WF) or null.

example 1  

"ouId": "New York",
"type": "Location"

example 2

"ouId": null,
"type": "Location"

Things work fine when the Location attribute has a valid value for the users as in example 1.


But if the Location value is null, We need to pass the ouId value as null without quotes in the AFX body (as shown in example 2) , but what we get to pass to the AFX is "ouId": ""  which is not an accepted value.


This is to be used in a provisioning command node in a rule based auto-provisioning workflow.

Can someone assist on a way to get this going for the null values.


We are on 7.0 Software application.


Clive Morrish Mostafa Helmy Boris LekumovichIan Staines - any assistance would be highly appreciated.