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Meaning of Passive Deny

Question asked by Randy Galbraith on Apr 8, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2020 by Randy Galbraith

Hi Everyone,


I would like to understand the cause of this authorization failure:


sequence_number=10,date=2020-04-08 xx:xx:xx:309 MST,messageID=1012,user=xxxxxxxx,webserver=xxxxxxxx,URI=/favicon.ico,client_ip_address=xx.xx.xx.x,client_port=xxxxx,browser_ip_address=xx.xx.xx.xx,result_code=11,result_action=Authorization Failure,result_reason=Passive Deny


I've tried setting up /favicon.ico as a resource I'm allowed to access but it did not seem to make a difference.


Kind regards. Please stay safe.

-Randy Galbraith