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Applications available in Identity Router? RDP and SMB needed

Question asked by PAUL GIBSON on Apr 15, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2020 by Ted Barbour

I'm working on deploying RSA Cloud Authentication to augment my existing Authentication Manager, and I've got a couple of questions regarding the User Application Portal I haven't been able to find documentation for. I haven't started deploying it yet, because I want to make sure I understand the feature and configuration before deploying it. We currently have another product which provides a similar service (If I understand the purpose of the IDR portal correctly), but we'd consider moving that functionality to the IDR since all remote access requires MFA. First, does the portal support only HTTP/S, or are other protocols supported? 


In particular, we allow users to connect to their desktop computers via our Web VPN using Remote Desktop. A search of the community didn't show any results for "portal RDP". Is RDP supported? Can a link be (fairly) easily be configured for a single user? Can this be done by the end-user, or does an admin have to do it? An admin already needs to be involved to confirm the computer has a DHCP reservation or static address.


Our current product also allows access to the file shares on Window servers. Does the IDR portal support SMB file shares?


At this point we're inclined to keep our current product, but I don't want to burn any bridges when I'm setting this up.